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The Formidable Film Company was established in 2013 to produce original and exciting motion pictures.

The company's first project was 'Yours Accidentally' a story set to tease and play with the audience's expectations and emotions. The Formidable Film Company is thrilled that the film performed well on the international film festival circuit and that it went on to win multiple awards in numerous categories.

The company is also very excited to be working on the forthcoming Hitchcockian 'The Man Who Forgot Himself'. This film puts a modern spin on the classical Hollywood thriller. More details to follow as we move from development into pre-production.

In direct contrast to the darker undertones of 'The Man Who Forgot Himself' The Formidable Film Company has "Esperanza and the Amnesiac' on its production slate. This is a light-hearted romantic comedy set in lush Spanish locales and will feature an exciting ensemble cast.


Then there is the heartwarming tale of 'George and The Great Big Intervention'. A story which will melt the toughest of hearts as our protagonist gets a second chance at life. This positively life-affirming film will be a delight for audiences young and old.


The Formidable Film Company is looking forward to sharing its films with audiences around the world over the coming years.

“All I need to make a comedy is a park, a policeman and a pretty girl.”

– Charlie Chaplin

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